Exhibition Facility and Headquarters

Gluckman Tang designed a new, 85,000 sf building including a museum and administrative space for a world-wide association. The facility was to be located in the Cultural District of Fort Worth, adjacent to the Will Rogers Memorial Complex.

The 5-story facility included two levels of museum and three floors of administrative space. The Museum contains a lobby, exhibition space, a large-scale, double height event space, library, and small theater. The third level includes a planted roof terrace that will be shared by the visitors to the museum and the staff of the Association and will accommodate events overlooking the Will Rogers complex and downtown Ft. Worth. The upper two floors contain a mix of open offices, collaboration areas, meeting rooms, and private offices, tailored to the short term needs and long-term flexibility desired by the association.

The building is clad in a perforated, copper-tone anodized aluminum rain screen over glazing and opaque aluminum panels, which will act as a sun screen and animate the façade with a dynamic interplay of light and shadow. The innovative concrete structure uses ‘band beams’ to minimize structural depth and volume of concrete, allowing for efficient floor-to-floor heights in both the exhibition floors and offices.