Green Residence

Perched on the edge of a limestone bluff, this 5,500-square-foot home was designed for a young father of three. An art lover with a deep interest in Buddhist culture, the Client provided inspiration for both the form and serene aesthetic of the structure. A koi pond at the front and a lap pool at the back of the house are key features, ensuring that water is visible from any of the interior spaces. Exterior views to the city center, foreground views to a lake formed by the damming of the Colorado River, and abundant natural light further the sense of the house as a peaceful suburban retreat. All of the main living spaces in the house are open and informal. The living room was envisioned by the Client not as a formal sitting area, but as a space to be used and enjoyed by the family on a daily basis. Interiors are designed to flow seamlessly out through large glass doors and windows. All furnishings and key artworks in the home were designed or selected by Gluckman Mayner with functional elegance in mind.