Museo Nacional del Prado

Gluckman Tang’s design for the Salón de Reinos competition would allow the Museo Nacional del Prado to re-contextualize its collections within a building of historic and cultural importance. Our intervention distinguishes the new and respects the old; it inserts contemporary uses and improves building performance to accommodate an expanded curatorial imperative. As the role of museums continues to evolve, our design privileges the primary experience of any exhibition venue: the fundamental relationship between the viewer, the art object and the space they occupy.

Our project uncovers the courtyard façade of the 17th C. Palace, and creates a new public space. The intervention is not only a frame for the Salón de Reinos but also a lens that reveals the relationship between art and the culture that nurtures it. Our design is a transformation that celebrates the past, animates the present, and anticipates the future of this renowned institution.