Trail House

Trail House is a 4,000 SF activity center that serves as the gathering point for resort guests who are interested in exploring the trails and taking in the red rock vistas that are unique to Boynton Canyon and Sedona.

Trail House features a pair of brick-and-stucco clad boxes flanking either side of a trellised circulation spine. To one side, is a pro-bike shop and activity-focused retail. To the other is a unique 500 SF skylit Map Room, an interpretive center that educates visitors about the canyon's local trails and unique flora, fauna and history. Highlights of the Map Room include a four-foot-diameter topographic map table and a 10’x6’ video wall that features GoPro footage of local trails.

The curated materials palette of pigmented terrazzo ground concrete floors, adobe brick and red rock inspired stucco walls anchors Trail House in the landscape and integrates it within the Resort. A silver-weathered red cedar and corten steel trellis, topped with hand-peeled pine latillas, provides shade along the main circulation spine as it weaves the interior and exterior together. Two exterior seating areas, one at the entrance and the other adjacent to the bike shop, are furnished with custom-designed and locally crafted tables & benches made from blue beetle kill pine.