Western Gateway Heritage State Park

Western Gateway Heritage State Park (HSP) was opened in 1985 as part of a state-wide program to preserve historic industrial sites, in this case a depot for the Troy and Greenfield Railroad. However, HSP has remained underutilized for the past 30 years. Completed in 2017, this master plan addresses improvements to the site, proposes infrastructure to better connect the park with Main Street to the Northeast, a restored Hoosac Riverfront to the Southeast and proposed “Extreme Model Railroad and Contemporary Architecture Museum” on a site across the Hoosac River to the East. The masterplan also includes schematic designs for adaptive re-use and selective additions to six historic buildings re-proposed on the site to contain the “Mt Greylock Distillery” and “Museum of Time.” Part of a broader “Cultural Corridor” effort spearheaded by Thomas Krens and the City of North Adams, the WGHSP Masterplan joins several other proposed building projects in the region, including the Global Contemporary Art Museum, also by Gluckman Tang, the Extreme Model Railroad and Contemporary Architecture Museum by Frank Gehry, and a hotel by Jean Nouvel.